Singapore Grill and Sushi Bar

Singapore Grill and Sushi Bar 938 Bank St. New London, CT 06320(860) 442-3388 Yesterday, my husband and I went to Singapore Bar and Grill for Sushi. I am new to the sushi world, so when we got their we told Sonny we were new and he offered the dynamite roll to us to try. We loved it. I am wishing now that I had taken a picture, because after all what is sushi if not an appeal to both the eyes and mouth. We enjoyed our experience here and will definitely go again. Sonny, the owner is very friendly and even came to our table to talk to us about how long we had been in the area and jobs and family. He is very knowledgeable of sushi and also demonstrated how we should eat it. He poured our soy sauce for us, and even threw out some jokes along the way. In addition to the sushi, I also had the mango chicken which was very good if you like mango. The place was clean, service was great and I would definitely recommend this to anyone in the New London area of Connecticut. Our total bill was $50.00, which is high for just 2 people. We left a 20% tip and left.


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