Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
12 Coogan Blvd
Mystic, CT 06355(860) 572-1500
My husband and I went here one night because we wanted a good burger. We had heard this place was good and we were not disappointed at all. When you walk in the place is kinda small, white with red checkered decor. The floor is covered with peanut shells and there are several tables to sit. You walk up to the counter and basically your choices are hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger or hot dog. You order which ever one you want and then you have a choice ALL TOPPINGS FREE: Mayo Relish* Onions* Lettuce Pickles Tomatoes Grilled Onions Grilled Mushrooms Ketchup Mustard Jalapeno Peppers* Green Peppers A-1 Sauce* Bar-B-Q Sauce* Hot Sauce* * Upon request only

You can also get fries, either regular size or large. We ordered one regular size for the both of us and it was a lot of fries! They fill a cup up and also the bottom of the paper bag. The fries are all hand cut from real potatoes, if you don’t believe me then just look for the huge bags of potatoes everywhere. The bags are even white with red writing to match the decor. While you are waiting for your burger you can have some salted peanuts, they have 3 bulk boxes sitting around for your enjoyment. They are wonderful and you don’t have to worry about the shells, just throw them on the floor! I had a problem with that at first, but after awhile I caught myself even throwing my napkin down! whoops, I had to get that up. Overall, we enjoyed the whole experience at Five guys and I can see why it has been voted number 1 for the past several years. The burger was the best, the hand cut fries are the best and the peanuts are good too. So, if you are in the Mystic Area, don’t leave until you have stopped by Five Guys, and tell them Mary Beth sent you. They won’t know me but who cares.


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