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Can old dogs learn new tricks?

Well, yesterday we had no accidents with Sophie at all! I have been doing a lot of reading and I believe the biggest mistake we made with house training is that we gave her too much freedom too soon. Since I hate to put her in a crate all day, now I am tethering her to me with her leash. That means that she doesn’t have the opportunity to sneak off and make a puddle. Her leash is very short, like maybe 6 feet. I keep her on her leash at all times unless I take her out and she potties, then when we come in she is unleashed and we play with her. She is also unleashed when she is with someone like Greg playing or what ever. It seems to have worked.

I am also searching for a bell to put at the door. Eventually, I am wanting her to learn to ring the bell when we go out to potty. I can’t find a bell though. I need one like to sit on the floor that you would press on, like what would be on a counter in a store. I will keep searching!
Right now, I only take her out when she gives us a sign like pawing at our legs or something noticeable.

1 thought on “Can old dogs learn new tricks?”

  1. hey, when you get that dog to ring a counter bell to go outside to use the bathroom make sure you video it! Try office depot or some place like that for the bell. I can't wait for this to work. Good idea on the leash. I would have thought about the crate first. You can also use a baby pen to keep her in when she is not being watched.


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