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One to do checked off!!!!

Today, I finally got the tires aligned on the truck. I don’t know why that was such a cumbersome thing, but I feel like it was hanging over my head for the last month. My husband got 4 new tires put on the truck last month, but Town Fair Tire in Waterford couldn’t do the alignment because they said his truck was too big for there equipment; so instead of going somewhere else Greg just said ok. Well, we have needed an alignment ever since and somehow when I quit my job to stay home again; it became my chore. I hate going to “manly” businesses. I don’t know why, maybe I am weird or something, but I just hate it!! Finally this morning I went to Town Fair in Old Saybrook, gave them the receipt for the new tires and they gladly completed the alignment for free!! Wow!! They were very nice and said the truck needed it very badly. I was able to shop across the parking lot at Job Lots while they did and now it is done!! I am still working with Sophie and housetraining. I lightened up on her leash tethering a bit and what do you know, she has peed on 2 of my rugs. I guess i am going to have to throw them away! Either the dog or the rug!! 😦 The mvelopes program is still working out. I haven’t gotten all the kinks worked out, but I can really see where allocating money to envelopes is succesful. I am just so used to quicken!!


1 thought on “One to do checked off!!!!”

  1. I know what you mean. I hate taking care of car business too. Not sure why but will put it off forever. Glad you got that alignment. It can really mess up your tires otherwise. Keep it up with Sophie. Don't loosen up too soon though. Keep us posted on the budget system. If you get a chance listen to boom boom ba by Metisse; this is Irish African music (if you can even imagine such a thing)!


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