Random Thoughts

Ring the Bell Victory

The weekend was truly a victory in the dog training world! Sophie is actually using the bells that we have attached to the dog to signal to us that she has to go outside. The very first time she did it, I was in the kitchen and Greg was in the living room and we had let Sophie off her leash for some free time. Normally, she have taken this this opportunity to go void somewhere undetected. I started hearing bells, after a second or two it hit me what I was hearing. BELLS BELLS I went to the door and there was Sophie waiting on me to let her out. This was not a one time fluke either, she has used it several times since then. The only problem now is that the bells are small and kinda faint, so if the TV were on or something like that I am sure that we would heard them. I am on the lookout for bigger and louder bells. I am so excited about this training though.

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