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Tuesday Dates with Greg

Tuesday is mine and Greg’s designated day for alone time.  We realized that after having children we have may have neglected our relationship some.  You don’t do it intentionally or anything, but you start pouring so much of your time and energy into your children that eventually a big part of your marriage is gone.

Biblically speaking, the marriage relationship is the permanent relationship in the home.  The children will grow up and have a family of their own, so it is important that everyone know the husband and wife relationship is the most important to nourish.  The kids should know that you support each other and love each other the most.

In saying all that, today we are going to lunch together.  It is half price sushi day at our favorite restaurant.  I almost forgot our date, but Greg called and reminded me.  I don’t normally forget things like that, but I have been a little under the weather lately.  Just tired, and kinda drained.   No fever or anything to really validate that I am sick, but ill all the same.



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