Random Thoughts


The week before Thanksgiving, our yorkie, Sophie went into season.  She will be a year old on Jan 5, so I was wondering when this would happen.  Normally, a dog will have their first season at 6 months, but it can occur anytime the first year after 6 months.  Since Sophie is my first inside dog, I had to look up what this would mean.  Basically, a dog’s season lasts for 3 weeks.  The first week they begin to swell and are not interested in males at all.  The second week, they begin to bleed and that is when they are interested in males.  The last week everything just sorta goes back to normal.  We have bought Sophie diapers to wear while she is in season to keep everything neat in the house.  She has done well with them and actually insists that we take her outside to potty, this means a good 3 weeks of no accidents at all.  🙂  that is a good thing


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