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Blue Buffalo dog food

I love Sophie, she is my little yorkie that Greg and I got for our 17 year anniversary last year.  Recently, she had to go the vet to have a baby tooth pulled.  Yorkie’s are prone to having a crowding of teeth, and because of this the baby teeth don’t always fall like they should.  Yorkie’s also have problems with their teeth becoming covered with plaque and tarter.  I have seen some yorkie’s that have had their teeth pulled before they were even 8 years old because of the crowding.  I have decided to brush Sophie’s teeth at least every week and I also switched her dog food to one that I consider to be very good for her.  Blue Buffalo is full of wholesome ingredients like meat and veggies and lacks the filler that is in a lot of dog foods.  I know this all seems ridiculous but if you buy a full breed dog and love her like we do then you would want to have her around for as long as her potential to live is, for yorkies that is 15 years.  I also want her to keep her teeth for that long as well.  The funny thing about the blue buffalo is that Sophie loves it and switched to it immediately.  She even picked out her old dog food to get to the blue buffalo, no digestive problems or anything!  I was amazed.  However,   she does not like the small round dark brown pieces of food that is in the bag.  She will eat her food and pick out the dark brown ones and leave them all around her bowl.  We keep adding them back every day and eventually, by the time to bowl is gone, the little brown ones will be gone too.  I just had to post this,  it is too funny to me.  Another reason to love yorkies and their amazing personality.  

Here is a picture of her dog food bowl with all the little round ones

around it,  🙂  


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