Devotionals, Feelings

How to remember Devotion time

Beginning back in 1999 when my husband and I got saved, we have tried to have family devotions every night.  As a Christian family raising kids we believe that the family should come together in the evening and share prayer requests, give praise for at least one thing, and read a message from the Bible, or a devotional book.  The problem is not in finding something to read, or thinking of a prayer request, or even praising God for his goodness; it is that sometimes we simply forget.  Well, with cell phones in almost everyone pocket or purse these days, I have finally solved the forgetting part of family devotion time.  Everyone in our family sets there cell phone alarm to go off at 8:00pm every day.  This works because there is always at least one person that will hear it and come gather everyone else around in the living room.  I love it when God shows me something so simple but yet so useful to our spiritual growth as a family. 


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