Random Thoughts

Plans today

Today, I am up earlier than usual because my friend Sonya and I are going to Sam’s Club in Providence to check out the prices on paper products and things.  Our church, Citywide Baptist Church in New London, Ct., has an outreach dinner once a month and we are going to write down the prices and quantities, also buy some things, and then compare shop with BJ’s wholesale which is nearer to the church.  I have a Sam’s membership so that is where I want to go.  
Other than that and finishing up my laundry, I have no plans.  I am looking for the Dee Brestin books that I ordered from half.com to come in any day.  I am thrilled to get her books because she writes about friendships and things like that.  Most of the stuff I read is written by men and it will be refreshing to get a woman’s view on things.  My interest peaked in her when I read her idea of friends in your being either like roses or alligators.  It is very interesting and if I can find it again, I will blog about it tonight. 


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