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Roses and Alligators by Dee Brestin

Dee Brestin is an author of many many books and bible studies.  Her realization that all friendship and relationships are tainted with some static because we are all sinners was eye opening for me.  She says our friends are like roses,  very beautiful and wanted but with a few thorns.  Every now and then we get stuck by the rose, but we don’t throw it away.  She does describe some friends as alligators though.  Biblically speaking these are the fools in our lives.  Those kinds of people you want to treat with caution,  a rose never intentionally tries to hurt you, but an alligator will try to destroy you.  She cautions to learn the difference and then pretend you are a castle with a mote around it.  When an alligator comes around, bring that drawbridge up and just wave from a distance.  You don’t have to be mean or snotty about, just learn to keep your distance.  King Saul was an alligator and David shows us how to deal with an alligator. He forgave him, but after Saul demonstrated a pattern of destruction toward him, David kept space between him and Saul.  

Everyone behaves foolishly at times,  everyone has thorns that go with a rose — but not everyone is a fool, not everyone is an alligator.


2 thoughts on “Roses and Alligators by Dee Brestin”

  1. I really needed that. I am one of those people who trusts everyone, and I tend to tell everyone about myself (my flaws) in detail. I need to start being more careful and differentiating between the roses and the alligators.

    God Bless!



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