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How Urban Dictionary Describes ME

Someone informed me that the latest game on facebook was to go to UrbanDictionary.com and type in your name.  Up until that point I had never heard of UrbanDictionary but I figured why not??  Well I typed in Mary Beth and the following is what it said!  I promise I didn’t change a thing, but I think it is actually very accurate 🙂

Mary Beth
The most incredible friend anyone could ever have. She is incredibly beautiful both inside and out, even if she can’t see it. She is absolutely hilarious, and extremely Smart. She will be there for you no matter what, and she will help you through all your troubling times and never give up on you. She makes you realize all the good in life and makes better all the bad. She is your Sunshine and she is AWESOME.

So, go ahead and try your name!  Why not???


2 thoughts on “How Urban Dictionary Describes ME”

  1. “Diane” was defined by several people and some of the definitions are unflattering; here is the one I like:
    Someone amazingly beautiful, who's smart, funny, great to be around, and just overall perfect. They tend to be extremely pretty, irresistable, and easy to fall in love with.


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