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Something new for an old problem

While I was in Utah a few weeks ago, my friend introduced me to the Netti Pot, or sinus cleanse or what ever name it is called.   Since I was used to a very humid climate and Ogden is a desert, my sinuses were begging for moisture.  I watched Leisha use hers and decided I could do it so I bought one for myself.  I decided on the SinuCleanse Neti Pot, mainly because it is clear and very cool looking.  It really works like a charm!    Since coming home I am still using mine every day! 

1 thought on “Something new for an old problem”

  1. I use that too; I got rid of a long term sinus infection and have been able to keep it gone every since; I take no sinus or allergy meds anymore; I have a friend who uses hers every morning; I looked it up and the research validates it's effectiveness.


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