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On the road again

Well,  my life has seemed like a whirlwind lately.   Seems like summer flew by and now fall is quickly fading into winter.  We took our middle daughter, Meagan, to live with her grandparents in August.  What an emotional strain.  My only daughter and now she is 1200 miles away.  I dreaded the change, but looking back it has been a good change.

Meagan has grown into such a lovely young lady and is taking life by the horns.  She got the hope grant which is paying for school and so for she is making A’s.  We are so proud of her.

Yesterday, Greg told me that we may be going to Athens, Georgia in 2011.   On one hand I feel blessed to know this far ahead of time, but at the same time knowing we are leaving Connecticut is going to be hard.  We have been here over 2 years.  We are actively involved in our church and very close to our church family.  When you don’t have family close by, you tend to depend more on the friendships of your church family.  That is how we manage our life of moving around, but that that is what makes it so hard when we leave.

For the first time too, now we will have to deal with schools for Brandon.  Up until this year he has been home schooled or at a private christian school.  I trust the Lord to give us the strength, and to guide our path. We will seek his face for where to live and trust in his guidance.  Praise the Lord for his blessings on us.


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