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I’m a Lymie

So, I have decided to write about Lyme Disease.  I am not an expert on the subject and certainly not a medical proffessional, but I was diagnosed with Lyme in November 2009.  I figure that gives me a right to talk about it, and document my experiences with the disease that we know so little about.

I never got bit by a tick that I remember and I also never had the bulls eye rash that is so tell tell of the disease.  I did live in Old Lyme, Ct. though at the time of my diagnosis.  My symptoms at the time were very severe.  Severe enough that by the time I went to my doctor I was convinced I was dying very soon.  Here are my symptoms:

  1. Extreme fatique, and I mean not wanting to get out of bed tired no matter how many hours of sleep you get
  2. headaches severe like you wake up with it
  3. sore neck and shoulder pain like extreme stress
  4. My right shoulder hurt upon movement, I thought I had sprained my shoulder
  5. My memory was gone
  6. Dizziness and nausea when I stoop up or raised my head
  7. Poor eye sight
  8. Anxiety
  9. Insomnia
  10. Low back pain

I attributed all the things at first to getting older, after all I had turned 40 and really thought it  was age related.  I also was going through severe problems with my teenage daughter, so certainly that had caused all this craziness too.  By the time I went to the doctor my symptoms has just gotten to the point that I could not function at all.  I was either dying or needed to be hospitalized.

Upon going to the doctor, he prescribed several lab tests and sent me home with a prescription for motion sickness pills.  I got them and went home to wait for the results.  The pills for the dizziness really worked wonders!  I had to take several at first but it worth it because I could stand up with out getting sick.

Within a few days, the doctor called me in to tell me the news.  His diagnosis was 1. mononucleosis
2.  A sever B-12 deficiency and 3.  Lyme Disease

He immediately started me on Doxycycline 100 mg twice a day, and administered a B12 shot.  I was to go home, and get plenty of rest and report back in 2 weeks for another B12 shot.   The mono would eventually go away and the Lyme he said was serious stuff.  He told me to take the anti- biotics and the symptoms would go away.

Within a few days, he was right.  My shoulder stopped hurting, I could breath better (which I didn’t even realize was a symptom) and the aches and pains went away.  I was still tired but that was also due to the mono and b12 deficiency.  My memory also started to improve some, but to be honest I never fully recovered that.  My memory is stiff weird, and I still have brain fog sometimes.  After taking the full dose of antibiotics I felt like a different person.

Well, a few weeks after finishing the round of antibiotics my symptoms starting coming back.  I thought, no way.  The Lyme is gone!!  Well, I went in for a B12 shot and asked the doctor about it and that is when I was informed that Lyme never goes away.  We have what he called residual bacteria that live in our body and sometimes they just hang out and do nothing, if you piss them off thought they start attacking your body again.

Well, now it is 2011 and I am still dealing with the Lyme.  May is Lyme awareness month so I am going to share all I know and what I have learned.  I have to admit it isn’t much, but it’s all I got.

Besides the antibiotics we have tried homeopathic meds and natural cures.  I will post on each one and report my results for you.  I know Lyme effects everyone differently, and of course the treatments are different for different people as well.  My husband has Lyme and he has some of the symptoms I have and some different ones.  Anyway, welcome to my world of Lyme.  Maybe this will encourage others and be a blessing.   I hope so.   Later


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