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Surfing Lessons In OBX

I have been reading a great blog called fat girl’s guide to living and that is where I got the idea that I could surf.  So, I had company in from Iowa and we all decided we would take a 2 hour lesson one afternoon with the kids.   The guy I called  had a wonderful Austrailian accent and never said one word about stamina, heart issues, breathing problems, etc.  He just told us when to come and we went.  Our main question when we showed up was do you have to be a strong swimmer and he replied “no, he was trained in life saving and it would not be a problem”.  hooray I thought, here we go.
We followed him in his truck to the beach and parked.  He gave us all a 10 foot long surfboard and over the dunes we went.  We followed him a good 100 150 yards down the beach (more like up hill).  By the time we got to where our class was going to be,  I was soaked with sweat and so out of breath I was wondering where the heck my inhaler was!  I also thought I would  be dead before we ever get out in the water!  By the time the class was over and we got out in the water,  I could breath again but I was physically exhausted.   Surfing was quite refreshing,  I enjoyed trying to stay on the board with my toes at the end.  Hanging on for dear life as I wobbled from one side to another and flipped over many times.  However,  when the instructor pushed me into a wave and I caught it, it was a blast! 
I don’t regret the lesson,  I do have a new admiration for surfers.  They have great endurance and stamina.  I did make a mental note to join a gym!
So, what are you waiting for??



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