Natural Cures

Aluminum Free Deodorant

My friend Leisha from Utah told about a new deodorant that she was using called Crystal.  It is unlike anything I have ever seen before because it is a hard hunk of salt that is rounded and put into a bottle so you can apply it under your arms.  She claims it is better than deodorant, so yesterday I got some at our local Food Lion for about $5.00 and tried it.  I am truly amazed at this product!  Like I said it has no aluminum in it at all, which for those who know me know that I had toxic levels of that in my system last year.  After using the salt yesterday and working at the dive shop which is not air conditioned, by the way, I had no odor what so ever.  I have no sticky residue from the deodorant either.  I am convinced!  Only Crystal for me from now on.

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Crystal Body Deodorant is made of 100% natural mineral salts which eliminate odor by leaving an invisible protective barrier against odors. It is fragrance free, non-sticky, non-staining, leaves no white residue and can be used by both men and women. Crystal Body Deodorant can last up to a year of daily use.


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