Friends & Family

How can you help someone with bipolar?

There are things I want for you in your life because I love you, whether you are able to see it or not.  I want you to have friends and be happy.  I want you to manage your money and pay your bills on time and be able to enjoy things.  I want you to live a normal life that includes good rest at night and memorable days.  I want you to listen to things that are said to you in love and not twist everything around to sound mean or ugly.  I want you to know that YOU are loved.  I am sorry you have Bipolar; I wish I knew how to help you cope with it.  I  wish we all could make sure that you took your medications right and on a daily basis.  I wish we could talk to your doctors about the best treatment plan for you.  How can you answer appropriately about your medications and treatment when your mind is so fogged with negativity and thoughts of not being loved or lack of sleep.  According to you

  1. 1. you have never been loved or are presently loved
  2. 2. everyone else is responsible for your sadness
  3. 3.  Everything said to you by someone is twisted around to sound mean.
  4. 4. we are only trying to take your daughter
I am already tired of dealing with this and I have just gotten started.  I wish I knew what to do.

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