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People problems

People are so frustrating!!!

I have always struggled with my in laws.  I’ve been married for almost 25 years and I have never felt like they truly loved me.  I don’t understand why they wouldn’t.  I have been faithful to their son throughout our marriage.  I have been a good mother to their grandchildren.  I have always called and planned and remembered every holiday or special occasion!

Well, a few years ago my daughter decided to move in with them and go to college.  We were traveling around so it seemed like a good idea for her to stay with them and that way she would be in one place until she finished her schooling.

Before she could even graduate though they got into a big fight!  We were going to Asheville for the week and had invited her and the in laws to come up and visit with us.  It was a much shorter distance for everybody, since it would normally have taken like 9 hours to come see us.  Well, our daughter was very willing to come visit!  I mean she loved visiting with us and since it was a shorter drive, then yes!  However the in laws didn’t want to come.  It’s not unusual for them not to want to come see us, I mean they seldom visited us or went on vacations with us.  Somehow this led our daughter and mother in law into a disagreement and lots of things were said.

To make a long story short, ever since that day, it has been more estranged between us and the in laws.  Hardly any contact at all actually.  They say we walked away, we say they walked away.  Bottom line,  my husband has no contact with his brother or parents because of this.  It is sad to me and I wish we could resolve it, but honestly I have tried.  It is always one sided and I feel like if I didn’t call or plan it would never happen.

So, I have finally just let them go.  I only plan things with people in life that reciprocate.  You can tell who wants to be with you in your life and who don’t.  Who is just coming out of feeling obligated.  Well, I choose to spend my  time with people who love me and want to be around me!  Period.  I’m much happier!


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