Random Thoughts

Through the storm

We have had a lot of storms where I live this year.  4 to be exact, and 2 of these did some major damage.  Well, yesterday we had another storm come through.  Schools closed, daycares shut down, businesses sent there employees home; there was major concern for what the storm may do.  I guess everyone is taking precautions now because they actually know first hand what a terrible storm can do to a community.  I read Facebook posts about having anxiety now because of the bad weather coming, and many posts say that people won’t understand unless they have been through it.

Isn’t this true in many things?  I mean hindsight is 20/20 as I used to hear when I was younger.  No one really understands anything at all unless they’ve been through it first hand.  People live through many storms in life, none of which may have anything to do with the weather.  The storms can come from spouses, children, family, friends, circumstances, or anywhere really.

I think we should all help take precautions for everyone all the time.  We never really know what storm anybody is going through or been through in their life, so just always be mindful are different.  Don’t judge people because you don’t understand, because truly until you walk in their shoes you really don’t understand.  Just be mindful that everyone is different.  People weather storms in the best way they can, and sometimes it takes friends and family to help prepare for storms or clean up after one.

Let’s all strive to be kind and helpful no matter who the person is in our life or what we know about the storm they are going through.  Be that someone who can can help them get through the storm.   My daughter did this chalkboard yesterday during the storm.  The storm can be anything in someone’s life causing stress, but the sunshine can be anyone of us that offers support and kindness.  Let’s all be sunshine!!!




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