Friends & Family


Yesterday my son signed the divorce papers.  He was married two years.  The day he married he became step father to the sweetest little girls on earth.  He loved them so much.  He took care of them, fed them, bathed them and made sure they got plenty of sleep.  They both had relationships with their daddy’s, but my son was there all the time.  He was their security, a constant in a crazy world.  My son took a woman into his heart and accepted her and her two children to make a family with.  He loved her children as his own.  Was he perfect?  No

His wife decided that she never really loved him.  She admitted to cheating on him on at least 3 occasions.  Truth be told, she found someone else to be with.  I am not an expert but I know most women never get rid of one man until they have another waiting.    Now, because of her infidelity; we will never see those little girls again.  They called my son daddy and they called me Nannie.  My son not only lost his wife but two children.

I am sad for my son, but grateful that he has a loving family who will support him in this time of need.  He will get through it and over time get over it.






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