Living Under Water

A few years back I took scuba lessons.  I have a fear of water, especially water that I can’t see into; so this was really an accomplishment for me to do.  We were living in the Outer Banks of North Carolina when a man at church mentioned that he was a master scuda diver.  I proceeded to talk about my fear of water and he encouraged me to try it.  The first few lessons are in a swimming pool so I was actually pretty cool with that.

I got the first few lessons done no problem.  My biggest obstacle in scuba was trying to stay under the water.  Apparently I float like Ivory soap!  It took between 25 and 30 pounds of lead to even get me below the surface.  Since I have had a few lessons, I have learned to help myself sink by letting the air out of my lungs and therefore required less lead after I became more advanced.

After I got the basic skills down, like breathing underwater and such we moved on to a quarry in NC.  This quarry is actually used a lot for scuba divers so it was full of cool things to see underwater like school buses, ships, even an airplane.  I was very excited to go do this, but again my fear was keeping me very nervous.

My first dive into real water, quarry water, was so awesome!  I honestly loved it so much I didn’t want to come up!  It was like another world under the surface, only better!  Better because I didn’t have to socialize with people at all.  Besides a few hand motions and all, you are pretty much on your own down there.

I got through basic and advanced scuba that summer and even began working at a dive shop.  I also volunteered at a local aquarium and helped clean the exhibits.  What a fun time that was! What I would have lost out on if I had let my fear of water keep me from trying scuba.

I want to encourage you to try something new!  What is something that you can easily do that is offered in your area.  It could be pottery, painting, scuba, archery, or so on.  I mean get out there and do it.


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