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This weekend, my son Austin came up to visit us in the RV.  We had a great visit with him!  We went to Mt Pleasant to visit Patriot’s Point, and it was great!  We took a helicopter tour over Charleston and it was wonderful!  It was mine and Austin’s first trip in a helicopter and although I was nervous, it was very exciting!  What a great view!!!  

The next day we went to Charleston.  We walked around downtown and ate at a fantastic place called Five Church.  It was just great.  The atmosphere, our service, the food!  Everything was wonderful.

Happiness is how I want to describe this weekend.  You know sometimes visits with people can be stressful, but every moment this weekend was full of JOY!  I love times like that when there is no negativity, no problems, nothing but pure fun, laughter and good memories.  

Some small things that I always want to remember about this weekend are….

  • Nothing Bundt Cakes
  • Submarine
  • Helicoptor Ride
  • Hospice Umbrellas Charity
  • Carnival Sunshine
  • Guitar man on dock
  • Car Karaoke
  • Singing Lean on Me as loud as we could in traffic jam
  • Cocktails at Five Church
  • Erika and Alysa at Five Church
  • Scotty P you tube video



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