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Look at us now, Mother!

Today I watched a movie called Look at us now, Mother!  It’s on Netflix and it’s basically a documentary that an older lady did about her relationship with her mother.  She was the only daughter after two sons and felt she was constantly criticized by her mother about her looks, personality, and other things.  Well, naturally it brought up memories with my mother.  My mom has passed away so we can’t just get together and make amends for things that we didn’t say, or we said in anger; but I really thought the documentary did a fantastic job at describing relationships and the process of getting to  the point of forgiveness.  My favorite quote from the whole movie is at the very end, ” We have all endured painful experiences in our lives.  How we deal with them varies.  Mom chose to forget, which has its advantages.  I chose to remember and examine the past.  I learned the biggest gift you can give yourself is to forgive.”

At the end of the movie, mother and daughter were friends.  It did my heart good to see this and realize that they will both have better futures because they were able to get past their differences and make amends.  Although the mother never remembered doing any harm or having ill intentions, she apologized and told the daughter she loved her.  You know sometimes people get hurt by things we do or say, unintentionally.  Acknowledging that is a huge step to helping others.  Her mother didn’t have to say anything, she felt she did no wrong.  However, she did acknowledge and what a difference it made.

So, if you have a chance it is a real good documentary on their path to forgiveness.  It was very good.  Again, it’s called ‘Look at us now, Mother!”

The pictures above are my mom.  She was a great person who loved life and her family.  She stayed home, she worked full-time to help pay for our private education. She always made sure we had a great dinner, and holidays were the best!  She made ordinary days seem extraordinary!  I miss you mom.



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