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Home is where my children are

Today I am flying to Texas to visit my daughter and family.  It will be my first grandson’s third birthday and I couldn’t miss it!  I was there the day he came into this world and since they are military family I have missed a few of his birthday since he was born.  They were overseas until this year, so even a few hours of flying is nothing compared to the all day flying overseas.

My children are very important to me.  I have not always been the best mother to them, but they are special in my heart.  No matter how far they travel, I will always make a point to see them.  Because I love flying and driving all over the place.  Heck no!!  I hate flying and driving!  It kills my back, I hate crowded places, I always get sick from all the germs on a plane, and riding hurts my neck.  I go because I want to see my children!  I want them to know that I love them, and I would do anything for them.

I pray that while I am physically able to visit that I will, and maybe one day when I can’t go to them, they will come to me.  They are precious and dear to my heart!



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