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Music of my life


Last night we were driving back from Georgia to South Carolina, after a good Thanksgiving vacation with family!  It wasn’t all fun and games, as my father had passed and we had his funeral one of the days; but for the most part it was a great visit.  Two of my sisters and their families came for Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful time.

Anyway, coming home Greg and I listened to YouTube videos, because my apple music subscription had run out, and we heard some great ones!

Here are just some of my favorites:

Tears in Heaven Eric Clapton 

landslide Stevie Nicks

Rise up Andra Day

November Rain- Guns & Roses

Wind beneath my wings Bette Midler

Someone like you Adele

As Tears in Heaven played I wondered how many people would speak to me in Heaven.  Like some down here who never acknowledge me or care to speak, will they know me in heaven and speak then?  Will strangers know me?  Will I care?  Rise Up motivates me to be all I can be, get up and be my best.  Landslide makes me think of how much I have changed, how my relationships with people have changed.  November rain reminds me that nothing stays the same.  Wind beneath my wings reminds me of my mother, who always encouraged me to do right and be all I could be.  Someone like you, again reminds me of past relationships and helps me realize how blessed I am to have my husband!

Do songs speak to you?  I’m sure they do.  I mean that’s the whole point of music isn’t it?   Comment below with some of your favorites and what they say to you.  I would love to hear from you!


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