RV Living

Baby, it’s cold outside



We returned back to our RV from a 10 day vacation in Georgia to find we had run out of propane!  It was 37 outside, 57 inside, so not too bad.  We are guessing it had just ran out.  We have two 30 gallon propane tanks for our RV.  When one runs out it automatically switches to the next tank.  This is a great feature until they are both empty and you don’t know it!

We left the heat on 60 while we were away, just in case it got cold.  I guess it got cold.  Next time,  I am thinking we may need to leave it on 50 so it doesn’t use so much propane.

We ended up turning on the electric fireplace in the living area, and taking the small propane tank off the grill to use in the RV while we slept that night.   It worked, it warmed the RV enough to knock off the chill and we had a great rest!

We now have one tank turned off while we use the other one.  That way when it runs out, we will know and can fill that empty tank.  We don’t want them both to run out again.



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