Anxiety Problems

I always though anxiety was more like panic attacks that you could feel.  Like one of my biggest problems used to be going into crowded places and I would feel so confined that I would have to leave.  I have left shoes on the floor, groceries in carts, items in Wal-mart because I just felt people were closing in on me and pressing against me.  I used to just leave everything and go home.  I am a big fan of online shopping because now I can shop from my home.  No stress!

Anxiety pops up in many different ways.  For some it’s thinking you have made people mad.  You ask them if you have made them mad, and then they become irritated because you’ve asked, and then they are mad.  LOL  It is a vicious cycle.  For some people it comes out in dreams.  They toss and turn and have fitful dreams from the day or week or even upcoming events.  For others, it may be wanting to avoid all events totally and then worrying that they have offended because they didn’t go.

Everyone struggles with anxiety from time to time.  Some anxiety is normal.  It’s when anxiety really becomes an everyday thing and hinders you from doing things you enjoy that it becomes an issue.

Constantly worrying about what people think is my biggest problem.  I’m not vain, but I love pleasing people.  I have found this to be an impossible task.  Trust me, everyone is not going to be happy all the time.  I have a few people in my life that I trust as my people who I can call and talk to without judgement.  They get frustrated I’m sure but for the most part they listen and give encouragement instead of just saying “good grief” .

My daughter and sisters are my people.  I am thankful to have them in my life.  Although I am sure they tire of my insecurities all the time, they are very patient and always listen and give me encouragement I need to go another day.  Honestly, I think just voicing how I feel is a big help.  They wouldn’t have to say a thing except I love you and it would be enough.  I’m sure each one is understanding because they too have been where I am, they can empathize and truly show love to me because of that understanding.





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