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Merry Christmas

This word that means so many things to people.  I wrote down what it means to me by using each letter in the word Merry Christmas 

  • Memories – christmas is about making memories.  Good or bad, memories will be made.

  • Enjoyment – I always plan a big get-together with my family.  I hope everyone will enjoy them.  I try to plan meaningful things to do so that enjoyment will be had by all.

  • Rest – Christmas is usually when my husband can take a week off from work.  I want him to get lots of rest.

  • Relaxation – Among the hustle and bustle of gift buying and meal planning, I want to find time to relax and enjoy the holiday myself.  I will usually do this by having a glass of wine or enjoying my big tub at home.

  • Yourself – You have to take time for yourself.  You can’t give anything from a depleted account.  I make sure during the holiday that I take care of myself.  Then I am better equipped to help others.

  • Cooking-  Of course, cooking will be a big part of my holiday.  I love having people over and planning what I am going to prepare to eat.  This year will be steaks and baked potatoes.  I am planning to have lots of topping for the potatoes like cheese, butter, sour cream, green onions, and that kind of thing.  I always hope that what I prepare will be good.

  • Happiness – Having my family close by is pure happiness to me.  I enjoy seeing family that I usually don’t get to see during the year.  We may not all get along 100 percent of the time, but seeing everyone always makes me happy.

  • Remembering-  Taking time during the holidays to reflect on lost loved ones will be a huge part for me.  I lost my mamma several years ago, and just lost my father this year.  We also have lost a couple of children in our family.  I love looking back on photos and remember times when I was with these loved ones.  This year I have put together a slide show of all our past Christmas parties.  These photos go back over 10 years!  I am sure everyone will love watching it, as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

  • Issues- No family gathering would be complete with issues.  Will the food all be good, will I forget something that I had planned to cook?  Will there be enough seats for everybody?  Most issues that come up will be small and we will deal with them.  My husband is such a great helper during these times.  He will take care of things before I really even realize they were issues.

  • Shopping-  From getting the food to making sure all my children and grandchildren have presents, shopping is inevitable.  I will be making lists and checking them twice.  Sometimes I forget important things, sometimes I buy more for one than the other.  I used to really stress about this, but I am learning to relax more about it.  When I know I can be a blessing to someone, I do it.  I don’t try to be equal anymore over these things.

  • Thankfulness- I am thankful for all the family have.  I am very grateful that we can get together and play stupid games and sit and talk and just make memories.

  • Money jar – We always put together a money jar at Christmas.  We will buy a few lottery tickets and put all our change in it from the year.  At our party, we sell tickets, and all the money from those go in the money jar.  Then we pull a ticket to see who won.  The first year we did this, it was my nephew Jameson and the second year it was my son Austin.  It is fun to see the excitement on the winners face each year!  The money usually is anywhere from 100 to 200 dollars.  At any amount, it is fun to do this.

  • Anxiety – Yes, anxiety will be there.  This year I will make sure I have my wine available!  I will certainly be anxious about many things but I will try to be prepared for that!  I can say that looking back on the photos from past parties, it always looked like we had a great time!

  • Stress-The holidays are stressful.  I stress over many things during this time of year as you can tell from previous words, but you know what?  It is all worth it.  One day I will be gone and my family will look back on these times and remember me.  I may be a bundle of stress, but I am me. I love me, and my family does too.






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