CBD for anxiety

Highland Pharms

A couple of weeks I ordered CBD Oil capsules for my anxiety.  CBD oil is NOT the part of marijuana that gets you high.  If you get a product that contains no THC, then it is legal in the US and will not cause you to get high or pop a drug test.  This is the good stuff in marijuana that has all the great health benefits.  I have them listed at the bottom.

I got the 50 mg capsules from Highland pharms.  I am extremely impressed with this product!  I started out taking two pills a day for the fist 3 days.  One pill in the morning and one at night, this is recommended to get the oil in your system.  On the fourth day, just take one pill in the morning.  A few digestive effects will be noticed right away.  You may be gassy or have diarrhea at first.  This will go away as the CBD gets into your system.

What I have noticed since starting CBD oil.  I am more focused.  I am able to concentrate better, therefore I am more productive.  I am more relaxed.  I hosted a christmas party at my house with 23 guests and not once got anxious about anything.  I had a close call when my potatoes were showing no signs of being done on time, but it all worked out.  I am not as tense.  I drove for about 3 hours to come back to our RV.   Normally, I get very tense in the back of my neck and shoulders.  I didn’t get that this time at all.

I have already ordered two more bottles of CBD oil to take .  I am looking for another source that will hopefully be cheaper.  I will keep everyone updated!




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