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How to be a good house guest

pexels-photo-269141.jpegMy daughter recently has had lots of company at her house.  She has 2 children, and with 4 house guests things can get sticky fast!  Here are some tips on how to be the best house guest you can be, and truly have people want you to come back!!


Help out with meals and cleanup:  With extra people at a house it can be tough cooking and cleaning up afterwards.  Offer to help out as much as you can.  Make the salad, or offer to get dessert, or make the tea.  Maybe plan a meal on your own for the family and do all the cooking.  Go buy groceries or offer to help pay for groceries while you are there.  After the meal, clean up!  Take all the dishes to the sink, load the dishwasher, unload the dishwasher.  You could even offer to take the host family out for a meal or give them a gift card to go after you leave.  

Clean up:  Pick up your towels after you shower.  Keep your laundry in a nice pile in your room, not strewn all over the place.  Help the host with laundry if you are there for an extended time.  Offer to fold clean laundry.  Offer to wash your towels while you are there.  Pretty much, don’t leave a mess for your host to ever have to clean.  Remember, it’s hard enough to have extra people.

Never complain:  Appreciate everything the host offers.  If a meal isn’t to your liking then pretend it is.  If it’s something you absolutely can’t tolerate, then politely decline, but have extra portions of something else.  Compliment the host on things like their home, decor, great guest accommodations, etc.  Pretty much, suck it up and enjoy what your host offers, don’t gripe about how you don’t like this or that.  I mean this isn’t your home, it’s the hosts.  You do things your way, let the host be the host.

Be mindful of your children:  If you have children and you brought them with you then please watch them carefully.  Do not let your children break the hosts things.  Anything that breaks, offer to replace.  Your host is not there to watch your kids and hard feelings can occur if your children destroy their home

Never argue with your spouse:  This should go without saying but it happens.  If you and your spouse have a disagreement, go to the guest room and close the door.  Be quiet in the discussion.  Don’t yell and scream and make everyone uncomfortable.  I mean, really folks.

The golden rules for houseguests




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