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Happy birthday to me!


I know I know!  Those pesky Facebook birthday notifications.  People come out of the woodwork to tell you happy birthday on facebook.  People who may never speak, like a post or anything will suddenly wish you happy birthday!

My daughter hates this, she even blocks it so no one can post on her wall.  I personally LOVE it!  To me, it is the one day of the year I feel so loved!  I know it’s trivial, I mean Facebook makes it so easy.  It tells you someone’s birthday and you post a quick post.  Easy peasy, but it really does make me feel special.

This year I turned 50.  I am no longer working so I guess I’m way out of the loop.  This year I had 16 birthday posts.  I almost cried!  It really made me feel just awful and alone.  Then feeling that way, made me feel even worse.  I mean, it’s just Facebook!  who cares??

I’m sure people got busy, maybe didn’t even check their Facebook’s that day.  It happens.  I did however speak to all my children and my sisters that day.  I am grateful that although small in numbers, I do have close family that will always be there no matter what.  Sure we fight and want to strangle each other at times, we’ve had disagreement; but they are my constants.  My people who I can always count on.

Happy 50th to me!  Maybe next year the Facebook posts will blow me away!  Maybe not, it really is insignificant.  As long as I have my children and family.  That’s really all that matters.  


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