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Happy Camper


Last week I was very excited to get to stay home for a few days.  By home, I mean our main home in Georgia.  I had some tax stuff to get handled, so it just made sense for me to stay there, and my husband came back to the RV for the week to work.

I got my tax stuff handled, and will be able to rest better now.  I also got some much-needed time in with my friends and family!  I had dinner a couple of nights with my classmate friend Kristen.  It is always to get to see her, because we became close during our X-ray college program. Since graduation, I have moved away and she is now working all the time, so catching up was great!  We enjoyed pedicures and just hung around the house one day and watched a harry potter movie.

I also enjoyed seeing my kids a lot.  Well, my sons anyway.  We had lunches and dinners together and also hung out.  My favorite time was going to Chile’s to have dinner with both of them.  I was tired that day from running around, but I figured I would go anyway.  I am so glad I did.  Austin’s new girlfriend was working that night, so we sat at her spot and got to visit with her as well.

Friday night when it was time for my husband to get back home, my sister and I planned a Valentine’s celebration for our husbands.  We bought some wine, steaks, potatoes, and rolls to have ready when they got there.  We also bought lots of marked down Valentines candy and made a centerpiece for the table with that.  I put out the white tablecloth, and with the red and gold candy it was very pretty.  My sister also made a homemade cheesecake.  It was the bomb!!!

I cherish these moments, because now that we travel they are rare.  We are usually rushed on our weekends home and don’t get as much time with special people as we would like to.  I did miss my husband, but making memories with the people I love are worth it from time to time.

I’m back at the RV again now, and I can say that I’m happy here too.  Home has become for me where I am with my peeps.  By that I mean,  home can be anywhere.  It’s where I feel comfortable and can enjoy the company  of friends and family.  I think that makes me a happy camper!


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