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Funny, but not funny




Living in an RV most of the time, life can get complicated.  We are usually at a site for months at a time.  Currently we have been in Charleston for about 8 months.   Most of the sites are pull through, but sometimes you have to back that big ol thing into the spot.

I love to watch people getting their rig parked.  I don’t care how great of a couple you are, there are going to be problems!  Usually the husband does the backing and the wife stands there directing.  I see more fights happen this way.  I know it isn’t funny, but it gets to be a little comical.

The wife is muttering under her breath, telling the husband to go this way or that way.  The husband is doing his thing, not listening.  The two just doesn’t go together.

The problem is communication.  My husband and I figured out real quick that some guidelines need to be established first!  With proper hand signals that both the driver and the director know is key to getting that rig into the perfect spot.

Most of the time it isn’t discussed until it’s too late, and tempers are starting to flare.

I sit and watch and laugh, because I know what’s going to happen every time!  It’s funny, but it isn’t.  I’ve been there.  I guess I can laugh at it now.  Maybe everyone will read my blog beforehand and try to avoid this in the future.  We will see.


1 thought on “Funny, but not funny”

  1. I know what you mean but in a different setting. Since I teach seniors in high school, I see the same cycles every year. Like you said, it’s funny, but it isn’t. Not sure what I can do to stop the cycle either.

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