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Remembering mamma


Happy mother’s day to all the mom’s out there!   Being a mother is one of the toughest jobs out there.  We give so much to our kids, often at our expense.  We get very little appreciation for what we do.

My mamma died in 2005.   It was mother’s day week, and I had worn a red rose to church because my mamma was living.  This day is always hard for me, because I miss my mamma. I miss that I can’t call her anytime and talk to her.  I miss her grand celebrations at special occassions like Christmas and Easter!  She made everything special!

My mother was quite a lady.  She could cook so good!  She could take little of something and make a glorious meal!  She always cooked a meal for us, there was always a bread, starch, vegetable and a bread.  She was amazing!

I am at the beach this year for mother’s day.  My mother always looked for coral at the beach.  She liked shells, but coral was her favorite.  I find myself still looking for coral.  Every time I go to the beach, that is what I look for.  I have found quite a stash this weekend, my mother would be proud.

Happy mother’s day in heaven mamma!  You are dear to my heart, and never far from my mind.  I will try to always the good in you, you were my friend, my hero, my mom.  You gave me life, and you shaped so much of my being that I truly carry around daily.  Thank you for giving so much to me!  I know I failed to tell you that many times during your lifetime.  You died way too young.


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