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Five Church in Charleston

One of my favorite places to go in Charleston is Five Church.  The fun atmosphere, food, and the relaxed setting is just the perfect place to take visitors.  To me, it demonstrates the hospitality of Charleston.  It sets the tone for the rest of the day.

While my son and his girlfriend visited us for Memorial Weekend,  and we went to Five Church for their brunch.  I love the Holy $hit Breakfast.  It costs 50 dollars but is plenty of food for 4 people.  It comes with 4 pieces fried chicken, 2 large biscuits, bacon, 6 eggs, and 4 doughnuts.  Oh and two drinks are included.   It is my favorite!!!

The servers here are very pleasant and just fun to be around.  They know the menu, and can offer advise if you aren’t sure what to order.  They bring you extra goodies if you have waited a while for your food.  Once we got a side of biscuits with sausage gravy to munch on while we were waiting.

The decor is amazing too.  The whole ceiling contains the words from the book The Art of War:  a 2500 year old strategic military manuscript.  Written in the 5th century BC, this treatise holds guidance and strategic thinking applicable to many situations, even restaurants.  Artist Jon Norris is responsible for 5Church’s black hand-painted ceiling, which features the text from all 13 chapters of The Art of War in chalky white paint. Not surprisingly, the broad strokes tracing Norris’ personal history fit Tzu’s doctrine, as well.

Following are some pictures that I have taken or found on the internet, enjoy them.  If you are really interested, go eat there!  Take in the beauty of your surroundings, and enjoy the great attitudes of the servers.  There my a wait, reservations are encouraged; but it is well worth it!