Random Thoughts

Gimme Shelter

I have been watching some movies on Amazon Prime and one in particular really made an impression!  It’s called Gimme Shelter, and it’s based on the true story of Darlisha Dozier.  She is a homeless pregant teenager who wants to keep her baby in spite of the fact that she has no means of taking care of a baby.

She finds a shelter that takes her in, and she immediatley bonds with the women and their children.  A bond so strong, that she continues to stay on at the shelter after the birth of her baby girl.

The shelter in the movie, is actually a shelter that was started in 1981 by a woman that opened up her home to pregnant women.  The shelter has grown and now offers help to many women.

If you get a chance, this is such a great movie!  At the end it shows actual photos of women and their babies.  I loved this movie because it actually shows you another option for pregnant women besides abortion.  I have been in shelters, and the fact that this women formed a bond with the girls was shocking.  My shelter experience was not a great one.