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How to be a strong woman

How can you be a strong woman today?  Strength comes from being kind when you really want to be ugly.  Strength comes from recognizing that we are all different.  Differences make us all special, embrace that and encourage each other to be themselves.  Strength comes from encouraging others.  Strength comes from honoring other’s opinions.  Never belittling someone for having different opinions.

Women have  shocked me these days.  I have heard women belittle others for not breastfeeding or having natural child births.  I have actually been called a gender traitor because I am a Republican.  I have been called ignorant because I have a beautiful southern accent.  Let’s not be these kinds of women.  Let’s be better than that.  My mamma always said, “if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all”.

We should be respectful of all people, especially woman.  Woman have it hard.  So many expect us to be perfect, yet in our busy lives of raising children, we simply have to do the best we can.  Life is hard, for everyone.  Why does it matter what we wear, what size we are, what we eat, or what we believe?  I am glad we aren’t all the same.  There are lots of ways to do things.  That is what makes this world exciting.

If you are reading this, strive this week to be more understanding of everyone.  If someone is spouting negativity, just smile.  If someone is hurtful, then pray for that person.  Find the good in everyone,  be strong.  Set the example.  Put everything else aside, and just be you!  We never know what people are going through, so just be patient.  We all need a little kindness!   Be the one that gives it out freely!  Be strong!  Be a strong woman!



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