Random Thoughts

Midterm elections are over

I am a voter!   I have been voting ever since I was able to vote, and I always take pride in learning as much as I can about the candidates before I vote.  I am sad to say that my country has really disappointed me.  Voting is a precious right we all have, and you have a winner and loser.  That’s just how it is.  It is great knowing that we as Americans can cast our vote and then let the results fall where they may.

Current times have just divided everyone.  All of a sudden we are defined by our political stance, or our skin color, or even our gender.   People need to grow up!   I will never vote for a woman just because she is a woman.  I will never vote for a person just because of their skin color.  I will never vote for someone just because they are labeled democrat or republican.   I look at what each candidate stands for.  I have never voted for someone because they stood for everything I believed in 100 percent, but I look at the good and the bad.  I make an educated decision to the best of my ability and I cast my vote!  It’s my American right to do that.

I am sick of the name calling, harassing in public and pretty much shaming people on how the feel politically.  It really makes us all look bad!  This country has just gone down hill!  Bullying should not be allowed in our country any more!

United we stand, divided we fall.


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