Random Thoughts

Free stuff for all!

Free college!  Free healthcare!   FREE!   This all sounds great, and I think everyone would love this concept, but anyone that has ever worked with money can see the disaster of this concept.

Nothing is ever free.   There has to be money set aside somewhere to pay for these things.   I love eating out, but my budget doesn’t reflect eating out all the time.  Truth is, I have to look at income and outcome and very carefully assign money to certain things.  Rent, loan payments, gas, electricity, and other things are necessary and must be allocated first.  Then food budget, entertainment, and so forth.  These are areas where I need to really budget my money or I will go crazy spending and then not be able to pay my other bills.

The government budget is examined closely.  There are many people who examine it and try to balance it according to needs.

Free health care is already in place, even a sliding scale income based insurance is in place for those who need it.  Free college is in place for people who need it also.  GPA requirements and income requirements have to be me, but it’s available.  To offer it to everyone in the US would be disastrous!  Money would have to come from somewhere else to pay for it.

I think we should just work on the programs already in place, and try to fix some of the issues with these programs.  Some issues are people taking advantage of the system.  Staying single to qualify for more government programs.  Having children to qualify for more programs.  The list goes on and on.


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