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Baby Boy Shower

IMG_0220IMG_0221IMG_0222IMG_0223IMG_0224IMG_0225We are having a baby shower for Meagan today.  We are serving lots of blue things and the decorations are baby boy themed!  It is very exciting to be welcoming Greyson into our family soon.

Baby Blue Punch

  • One can pineapple juice
  • One container of hawaiin punch, blue colored
  • One 2 liter Sprite

Cracked out Turkey Pinwheels

  • Cream cheese
  • bacon bits
  • dry ranch dressing
  • turkey sandwich meat
  • burrito size tortillas





DIY, Inside Projects

Guest room (During)


Repairing holes in the walls, my husband just used drywall.  

We finally painting our guest rooms!!!   Here are some of the photos I took during this project!









DIY, Outside Projects


Planting Muscadines!!!

So, we ordered our muscadine plants last week and we are getting ready for the planting.  We are making two rows of about 45 feet each.  A post will go at the ends of each row and then every 15 feet in between.  We got 8 foot posts and will bury them 3 feet in the ground.  I am so excited to have muscadines one day!!!  They are a childhood favorite of mine.  I can remember eating them all the time at my neighbors house when I was little.  I am the type that eats seeds and all, but I spit out the outside.  They are a little tough to chew and really tart.

DIY, Inside Projects

Kitchen Remodel

Well today I started the Kitchen remodel.  I went this weekend and bought some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and painted the island in the kitchen.  I am pleased with the results although I am still waiting on the second coat to dry.  
The basic steps to working with Annie Sloan paint are as follows….

  • Paint base coat, let dry
  • If layering colors, paint second color, let dry
  • Apply thin coat of clear wax all over piece with brush or rag, wipe excess
  • If you want a worn appearance, sand when the clear wax is wet
  • If you want aged appearance, apply dark wax over the clear wax, wipe excess with rag or rage dipped in clear wax
  • Wipe Excess wax
  • Allow to dry, min 24 hours
  • Buff with a rag if you want more sheen


I will say the paint went on very well.  I used a paint brush, and painted  right out of the can.  It got thick towards the end, so next time I will definitely pour the paint into a cup or something to prevent that.

One coat of chalk paint


Two coats of chalk paint
Before I painted
After two coats of paint


After two Coats before Wax

After a couple weeks!


Next I get started on the rest of the cabinets, painting them pure white.  










Finally, I paint the walls.  I mixed the Provence annie sloan paint with pure white wall paint to get a lighter version of the color I painted the island.

I’m still not finished by I love the cabinets and wall color!!  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is awesome!!!

DIY, Party Planning

Adorable hats made from styrofoam cups

Yes, this adorable little hat is made from a Styrofoam cup that you melt in the oven.  The instructions are simple
1.  preheat oven to about 300

2.  place cups upside down on a cookie plate

3.  watch them until they start melting, once they have finished melting take them out

4.  you may have to trim the edges off a little

5.  paint the hats with acrylic paint

6.  decorate with ribbon, flowers, magnets.