DIY, Inside Projects

Guest room (During)


Repairing holes in the walls, my husband just used drywall.  

We finally painting our guest rooms!!!   Here are some of the photos I took during this project!









DIY, Inside Projects

Kitchen Remodel

Well today I started the Kitchen remodel.  I went this weekend and bought some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and painted the island in the kitchen.  I am pleased with the results although I am still waiting on the second coat to dry.  
The basic steps to working with Annie Sloan paint are as follows….

  • Paint base coat, let dry
  • If layering colors, paint second color, let dry
  • Apply thin coat of clear wax all over piece with brush or rag, wipe excess
  • If you want a worn appearance, sand when the clear wax is wet
  • If you want aged appearance, apply dark wax over the clear wax, wipe excess with rag or rage dipped in clear wax
  • Wipe Excess wax
  • Allow to dry, min 24 hours
  • Buff with a rag if you want more sheen


I will say the paint went on very well.  I used a paint brush, and painted  right out of the can.  It got thick towards the end, so next time I will definitely pour the paint into a cup or something to prevent that.

One coat of chalk paint


Two coats of chalk paint
Before I painted
After two coats of paint


After two Coats before Wax

After a couple weeks!


Next I get started on the rest of the cabinets, painting them pure white.  










Finally, I paint the walls.  I mixed the Provence annie sloan paint with pure white wall paint to get a lighter version of the color I painted the island.

I’m still not finished by I love the cabinets and wall color!!  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is awesome!!!