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Blessings and how to bless someone

The word Blessing has many definitions.  I am talking today about the blessing that means a beneficial thing for which one is grateful, or something that brings well-being.  These are the blessings that you can do everyday to help bring someone well being or gratitude.

In the past, I have paid for a stranger’s groceries.  I happened to be behind them in line and for what ever reason they didn’t have the money.  I pulled my card and helped them along.  I have tipped unsuspecting waiters and waitresses a hundred dollars.  Once, the waitress followed me into the parking lot crying and wanted to hug my neck.  I love surprising people with small gifts that I find out and about.  These gifts are usually things that just remind me of that person, and I want to get it for them.

I don’t share any of this because I want to pat my own back or have recognition at all; but to help you find small ways to be a blessing to someone everyday.  You don’t have to be rich to bless others.   Anyone can do it!

  1.  Hold the door open for someone and smile at them
  2. Stop and help someone in a store if they are looking for something or can’t reach an item.  I see this all the time, especially people on scooters.
  3. tip 20% always.  My rule is a 10 dollar tip for any amount less than 50 dollars.  I think servers deserve at least 10 dollars regardless of how cheap the mean costs.
  4. Call someone out of the blue and tell them you are thinking about them.  You could also text them this.
  5. Give someone your items that you really have no need for anymore.  I always offer any items I may have sitting around to people.  My kids usually benefit from this!  I have also blessed people with clothing I no longer wear, or no longer fit into.
  6. Offer to babysit children for a couple so they can enjoy some alone time.  Granted everyone is not going to want you to babysit their children, but I’m sure there is someone out their that would trust you.
  7. Keep on moving when you see a post on Facebook post that you don’t agree with.  Ok no one will no you did this, but it isn’t really necessary to blast your feelings all over social media.  Just keep scrolling and say no to that educational comment that you are wanting to share.
  8. Invite people over to have dinner.  I do this all the time!  I love having people over!  My food is not anything great, but the fellowship is truly amazing!
  9. Help someone with cleaning or another service that you may be good at.
  10. Donate blood
  11. Shop local.  Small business really need our business to stay in business!  Support your local businesses.
  12. When you see someone taking pictures, offer to take a group picture for them.  I don’t how many times I end up with pictures of everyone and I am not in the pictures because I was taking the pictures.
  13. Send a college student a care package.  College is tough!  Students need money for household items and personal care items, and often can’t afford them.  Bless a college student you know with a care package today.  You could include restaurant gift cards, laundry items, movies, or just a special surprise to help make their day.
  14. A close college friend taught me this,  never forget someone’s birthday.  Call on special occassions and let them know how special they are to you.  I suck at remembering birthday, but Facebook always reminds me now.  You can post on their facebook, or call them, or even text them.  Just tell them you are thinking about them and you love them.  You could take them out to lunch or dinner.


These are just a few things off the top of my head that I have mentioned.  My point is that you can always be a blessing.  Open your eyes and pay attention to people while you are out and about.

What are some ways that you know of to be a blessing to others?  Share them in your comments.

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Remembering mamma


Happy mother’s day to all the mom’s out there!   Being a mother is one of the toughest jobs out there.  We give so much to our kids, often at our expense.  We get very little appreciation for what we do.

My mamma died in 2005.   It was mother’s day week, and I had worn a red rose to church because my mamma was living.  This day is always hard for me, because I miss my mamma. I miss that I can’t call her anytime and talk to her.  I miss her grand celebrations at special occassions like Christmas and Easter!  She made everything special!

My mother was quite a lady.  She could cook so good!  She could take little of something and make a glorious meal!  She always cooked a meal for us, there was always a bread, starch, vegetable and a bread.  She was amazing!

I am at the beach this year for mother’s day.  My mother always looked for coral at the beach.  She liked shells, but coral was her favorite.  I find myself still looking for coral.  Every time I go to the beach, that is what I look for.  I have found quite a stash this weekend, my mother would be proud.

Happy mother’s day in heaven mamma!  You are dear to my heart, and never far from my mind.  I will try to always the good in you, you were my friend, my hero, my mom.  You gave me life, and you shaped so much of my being that I truly carry around daily.  Thank you for giving so much to me!  I know I failed to tell you that many times during your lifetime.  You died way too young.

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Happy birthday to me!


I know I know!  Those pesky Facebook birthday notifications.  People come out of the woodwork to tell you happy birthday on facebook.  People who may never speak, like a post or anything will suddenly wish you happy birthday!

My daughter hates this, she even blocks it so no one can post on her wall.  I personally LOVE it!  To me, it is the one day of the year I feel so loved!  I know it’s trivial, I mean Facebook makes it so easy.  It tells you someone’s birthday and you post a quick post.  Easy peasy, but it really does make me feel special.

This year I turned 50.  I am no longer working so I guess I’m way out of the loop.  This year I had 16 birthday posts.  I almost cried!  It really made me feel just awful and alone.  Then feeling that way, made me feel even worse.  I mean, it’s just Facebook!  who cares??

I’m sure people got busy, maybe didn’t even check their Facebook’s that day.  It happens.  I did however speak to all my children and my sisters that day.  I am grateful that although small in numbers, I do have close family that will always be there no matter what.  Sure we fight and want to strangle each other at times, we’ve had disagreement; but they are my constants.  My people who I can always count on.

Happy 50th to me!  Maybe next year the Facebook posts will blow me away!  Maybe not, it really is insignificant.  As long as I have my children and family.  That’s really all that matters.  

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How to be a good house guest

pexels-photo-269141.jpegMy daughter recently has had lots of company at her house.  She has 2 children, and with 4 house guests things can get sticky fast!  Here are some tips on how to be the best house guest you can be, and truly have people want you to come back!!


Help out with meals and cleanup:  With extra people at a house it can be tough cooking and cleaning up afterwards.  Offer to help out as much as you can.  Make the salad, or offer to get dessert, or make the tea.  Maybe plan a meal on your own for the family and do all the cooking.  Go buy groceries or offer to help pay for groceries while you are there.  After the meal, clean up!  Take all the dishes to the sink, load the dishwasher, unload the dishwasher.  You could even offer to take the host family out for a meal or give them a gift card to go after you leave.  

Clean up:  Pick up your towels after you shower.  Keep your laundry in a nice pile in your room, not strewn all over the place.  Help the host with laundry if you are there for an extended time.  Offer to fold clean laundry.  Offer to wash your towels while you are there.  Pretty much, don’t leave a mess for your host to ever have to clean.  Remember, it’s hard enough to have extra people.

Never complain:  Appreciate everything the host offers.  If a meal isn’t to your liking then pretend it is.  If it’s something you absolutely can’t tolerate, then politely decline, but have extra portions of something else.  Compliment the host on things like their home, decor, great guest accommodations, etc.  Pretty much, suck it up and enjoy what your host offers, don’t gripe about how you don’t like this or that.  I mean this isn’t your home, it’s the hosts.  You do things your way, let the host be the host.

Be mindful of your children:  If you have children and you brought them with you then please watch them carefully.  Do not let your children break the hosts things.  Anything that breaks, offer to replace.  Your host is not there to watch your kids and hard feelings can occur if your children destroy their home

Never argue with your spouse:  This should go without saying but it happens.  If you and your spouse have a disagreement, go to the guest room and close the door.  Be quiet in the discussion.  Don’t yell and scream and make everyone uncomfortable.  I mean, really folks.

The golden rules for houseguests



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This is me



So, it’s not a surprise that I have a lot of personality traits that annoy people.  I am rather needy in my relationships with people, I apologize for everthing, I often feel I have made people mad, I am a people pleaser, etc.  This is just who I am.  I am researching why I’m like this and so far I have found that I have all the personality traits of someone who has been abused either mentally or physically, and I exhibit all the characteristics of someone who has been through a traumatic experience.

I will not apologize anymore for being this way.  I will say that I am working on these things, and hopefully 2018 will be a better year.  I don’t remember any traumatic events from my childhood, but as a young adult I was beaten and emotionally abused by my first husband.  Maybe this is why I constantly worry about being abandoned.  Maybe this is why I am so afraid of losing people.  Maybe this is why I feel so alone.  I don’t know.

This is me, people either love me or they hate me, but I can’t change who I am.  I am happy to say that the people I am close to are loving and accepting.  I don’t have to be anxious around them, they know my past and accept me for these things.  These are the people I will try to stay around.  I can’t work on myself if I am constantly worried about my relationship with someone.  I am very sensitive to how people think, I am very aware when someone wants distance.  I will gladly give it to you, because this year I will take care of myself.

Pray for me as I work on my anxiety this year.  Pray for me as I dive deeper into the holes and brokeness of my being.  I am working on it, and the people who know this will be there for me.


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Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has a great Christmas!  How ever you celebrate it, I hope it is filled with good memories and family time.  I have a few traditions that I do every year, and this one is no different.  What are some of your traditions?

Here are some of mine

  • Make divinity with my sister Joy
  • Have a big gathering at my house with all my sisters and their families
  • Gather with my adult children to open gifts.  The time varies on this because of schedules but we always get together and eat and open gifts.  It is a wonderful time for me.
  • Baking goodies which usually includes cookies, sausage balls, and white trash.
  • Decorating a gingerbread house


This year, I made a slide show to play during my party with family.  It has pictures that go all the way back to when my mamma died and we started having Christmas at my house.  Going back through all those pictures was a great blessing to me!  Brought back lots of sweet memories!


Enjoy your Christmas and enjoy your family!