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Five Church in Charleston

One of my favorite places to go in Charleston is Five Church.  The fun atmosphere, food, and the relaxed setting is just the perfect place to take visitors.  To me, it demonstrates the hospitality of Charleston.  It sets the tone for the rest of the day.

While my son and his girlfriend visited us for Memorial Weekend,  and we went to Five Church for their brunch.  I love the Holy $hit Breakfast.  It costs 50 dollars but is plenty of food for 4 people.  It comes with 4 pieces fried chicken, 2 large biscuits, bacon, 6 eggs, and 4 doughnuts.  Oh and two drinks are included.   It is my favorite!!!

The servers here are very pleasant and just fun to be around.  They know the menu, and can offer advise if you aren’t sure what to order.  They bring you extra goodies if you have waited a while for your food.  Once we got a side of biscuits with sausage gravy to munch on while we were waiting.

The decor is amazing too.  The whole ceiling contains the words from the book The Art of War:  a 2500 year old strategic military manuscript.  Written in the 5th century BC, this treatise holds guidance and strategic thinking applicable to many situations, even restaurants.  Artist Jon Norris is responsible for 5Church’s black hand-painted ceiling, which features the text from all 13 chapters of The Art of War in chalky white paint. Not surprisingly, the broad strokes tracing Norris’ personal history fit Tzu’s doctrine, as well.

Following are some pictures that I have taken or found on the internet, enjoy them.  If you are really interested, go eat there!  Take in the beauty of your surroundings, and enjoy the great attitudes of the servers.  There my a wait, reservations are encouraged; but it is well worth it!


free audio downloads

Our family loves the Go Bibles.  They are like Ipods but they only contain the Bible on them. You can find any verse or book at the click of a button, and listen to chapters at your leisure.  My husband loves taking his on planes, or in his truck when he is traveling.  Now they have come up with a Go Bible that you can actually add music too or other downloads, in other words it has extra storage space on it for other things besides the Bible.  Well, if you go to Go Bible they offer a free book download ever month.  So far they have free books available for download for free.   The first one I downloaded is 30 days taming your tongue.  Sounds like a good read to me.  I hope you enjoy the free downloads as well.



Old Saybrook’s greatest secret!  This restaurant has it all;  hibachi, sushi,  Japanese, Thai, and Chinese dishes, and more.  You will love the staff, they are very friendly and willing to explain anything.  Eva is the female waitress that is always there.  They have recently updated the floors with new carpet.  Bring your family to Samaria in Old Saybrook for a special occasion or just to have a  great meal.  If you go on Tuesday, the sushi is half price.  🙂
They have hibachi tables and several cooks that will entertain you and your family.  Each table will seat 8 and they have a couple of tables that will seat more.  We have never been disappointed here and neither will you.

Don’t forget to tell them Mary Beth sent you.


1596 Boston Post Road, Old Saybrook, CT 06475

O-Cedar – Products – Mops – Dust Mops – Microfiber Flip Mop™

O-Cedar – Products – Mops – Dust Mops – Microfiber Flip Mop™ I bought this dust mop at Wal-mart, someone recommended it. Let me tell you, if you have hardwood floors or vinyl, you need this mop. Everything stick to it and you can even do walls and ceilings. I love it. Also, when the cloth is dirty, you just toss it in the washer. This is one product that really works!!


Hershey, Pennsylvania

Recently, I visited Hershey, Pa with my husband. We were celebrating 17 years of marriage and decided to go away for a few days. I have always wanted to visit Hershey. I don’t know why, but the street lamps shaped like kisses and the smell of chocolate all over the place just intrigued me! Chocolate World is amazing. First thing we did was take the Chocolate tour which is totally free! Your tour begins by going through a hallway that has lots of TVs all showing where the cocoa bean comes from. It is very interesting and I did learn some things. Then, when you get to the end of the line, you actually ride on the cars through a whole factory which visually and verbally describe the whole chocolate making process, we loved it. They even have singing cows everywhere too that really make it cute. Why cows? Well that is one of the main ingredients in Milk Chocolate. At the end of the tour you are even giving a Hershey bar to sample; so even you are bored with the tour, the wonderful candy at the end will make it worth your time! After the free tour, we walked around all the many gift shops that were available. You can buy almost anything Hershey related, from candy, to toys, clothes, key rings, shot glasses, hats, etc. If the prices are too pricey for you, look around for the discounted items, they also have candy discounted in the Factory Shop. We took the trolley ride through the town of Hershey after that. We had 2 young trolley conductors that basically told the story of Milton Hershey and the history of Hershey through song and drama. It was great and they really did a wonderful job holding your attention. My only gripe about the trolley is that we rode with a bunch of either high school or college kids and they made stupid cracks about everything and ruined the songs we were singing. The rules were no talking, and I think it should have been enforced! Other things you could do, but we chose not to were the factory works, this is where you actually make the candy and wrap it yourself, it looked like mostly kids doing this to me, so we didn’t do it. I don’t have to make my candy to enjoy it. 🙂 New for this year is a tasting adventure where you go through and taste an assortment of chocolate. We didn’t do this either. If all this is boring to you, there is always an amusement park. I would have to say that Hershey, Pa is a great place to visit whether you have kids or not. You can spend a little or a lots depending on what you want to do. Milton Hershey was a great man who really has a gracious heart, his school for underprivileged children that is totally free really convinced me of that. If you ever get a chance, visit Hershey! Have a Hershey Bar on me but you keep the calories!


Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
12 Coogan Blvd
Mystic, CT 06355(860) 572-1500 http://www.fiveguys.com/
My husband and I went here one night because we wanted a good burger. We had heard this place was good and we were not disappointed at all. When you walk in the place is kinda small, white with red checkered decor. The floor is covered with peanut shells and there are several tables to sit. You walk up to the counter and basically your choices are hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger or hot dog. You order which ever one you want and then you have a choice ALL TOPPINGS FREE: Mayo Relish* Onions* Lettuce Pickles Tomatoes Grilled Onions Grilled Mushrooms Ketchup Mustard Jalapeno Peppers* Green Peppers A-1 Sauce* Bar-B-Q Sauce* Hot Sauce* * Upon request only

You can also get fries, either regular size or large. We ordered one regular size for the both of us and it was a lot of fries! They fill a cup up and also the bottom of the paper bag. The fries are all hand cut from real potatoes, if you don’t believe me then just look for the huge bags of potatoes everywhere. The bags are even white with red writing to match the decor. While you are waiting for your burger you can have some salted peanuts, they have 3 bulk boxes sitting around for your enjoyment. They are wonderful and you don’t have to worry about the shells, just throw them on the floor! I had a problem with that at first, but after awhile I caught myself even throwing my napkin down! whoops, I had to get that up. Overall, we enjoyed the whole experience at Five guys and I can see why it has been voted number 1 for the past several years. The burger was the best, the hand cut fries are the best and the peanuts are good too. So, if you are in the Mystic Area, don’t leave until you have stopped by Five Guys, and tell them Mary Beth sent you. They won’t know me but who cares.


Singapore Grill and Sushi Bar

Singapore Grill and Sushi Bar 938 Bank St. New London, CT 06320(860) 442-3388 Yesterday, my husband and I went to Singapore Bar and Grill for Sushi. I am new to the sushi world, so when we got their we told Sonny we were new and he offered the dynamite roll to us to try. We loved it. I am wishing now that I had taken a picture, because after all what is sushi if not an appeal to both the eyes and mouth. We enjoyed our experience here and will definitely go again. Sonny, the owner is very friendly and even came to our table to talk to us about how long we had been in the area and jobs and family. He is very knowledgeable of sushi and also demonstrated how we should eat it. He poured our soy sauce for us, and even threw out some jokes along the way. In addition to the sushi, I also had the mango chicken which was very good if you like mango. The place was clean, service was great and I would definitely recommend this to anyone in the New London area of Connecticut. Our total bill was $50.00, which is high for just 2 people. We left a 20% tip and left.